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Car Diagnostics in Bristol


Modern vehicles are equipped with an Engine Control Unit, the ECU, which takes a reading of data captured from sensors located all around your vehicle. The ECU interprets this data and can detect if there is a fault within your vehicle. Quite often this will manifest as a warning light appearing on the dashboard and indicates that your vehicle is in need of an inspection to establish the cause of the fault.

Your Local Specialists in Bristol for Diagnostics

The technicians at Diagnostic Dave have the latest in specialist equipment to plug into the ECU and take a reading of the data held there. From this, we will be able to diagnose and identify the faults present and offer repair solutions. The specialist technicians here in Bristol have a huge amount of experience and expertise in this field of vehicle repair, we are the true experts in vehicle electronics.

If you have noticed any warning lights appear on the dashboard, or if your vehicle isn’t performing correctly without any obvious reason, it could be worth having a diagnostic plugin to identify the source of the problem, contact Diagnostic Dave covering the Bristol area.

Just some of the diagnostic work we can do for you in Bristol includes:

  • ABS Systems
  • Car Diagnostics
  • ECU & Key Reprogramming
  • Engine Management System
  • Remote & Key Reprogramming
  • Air-Bag Lights/Systems
  • Warning Light Faults
  • ECU Coding
  • Mobile Car Diagnostics
  • Alarm Systems
  • Dealer Level Diagnostics
  • Mobile Engine Diagnostics
  • Engine Diagnostics

Call Your Recommended Diagnostic Technicians

Diagnostic Dave are true diagnostic specialists working in and around the Bristol area. With mobile vans fully equipt with the latest diagnostics equipment and fully trained technicians you can rest assured Diagnostic Dave will have you covered. For more information speak to one of our experienced technicians in Bristol on 07774 294149 or send us an email.

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